The Q-Schools methodology

Focus on the academiccognitive, and personal development of each individual child

Different academic subjects support one another: for example, debate is a means to teach foreign languages and STEM is a means to teach leadership

Interactive learning by doing

Student-centered, family-centered, teacher-centered, and community-centered – not system-centered

Dialogue between students and teachers, among students, and among teachers

Glocal vision – students learn pride in their own heritage and respect for other cultures

Schools in different communities learn from one another

Philosophy applied in all settings where Q-Schools works: high schools, elementary schools, preschools, extracurricular language courses, and leadership programs.

Bilingual and trilingual Preschools

Bilingual and trilingual Preschools and day care centers.

English language schools

English language school for cognitive and personal development through language

A youth leadership center

A youth leadership center, modeled after the United Nations, that promotes debate and discussion at a national and global levels.

Strategy Institute

Offers consultation and mentoring services for schools and municipalities for developing professionals and innovative approaches to education

Charter Schools

A trilingual high school
+ 0
Clients for consulting services
+ 0
Schools participating in mentoring programs
+ 0
Teachers and administrators engaged