QSchool offers skills development and training

QSchool offers skills development and training programs for educational professionals and teams.

  • Training teachers for innovative pedagogy capacity building
  • Curriculum building and design thinking for professionals
  • School development for community and educational leaders


The ‘QSchool’ network established and manages progressive educational institutions and offers professional pedagogical consultation to existing educational institutions in order to achieve a sense of community, integration into country, and global citizenship.

A ‘QSchool’ we belive that human dignity, the creation of knowledge, and systematic management are the basis for advancing society. Founded under these guiding principles in 2007, the goal of ‘QSchool’ is to develop a progressive educational network that offers quality education on both the national and global levels.

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Parents and educators recommends

Activity departments

Bilingual and trilingual Preschools

Bilingual and trilingual Preschools and day care centers.

English language schools

English language school for cognitive and personal development through language

A youth leadership center

A youth leadership center, modeled after the United Nations, that promotes debate and discussion at a national and global levels.

Strategy Institute

Offers consultation and mentoring services for schools and municipalities for developing professionals and innovative approaches to education

Charter Schools

A trilingual high school

Our school atmosphere

Meet our teachers

Shadi Azem
Ayat Masri
Maha Masri
Mona Khaskia – Secretary
Haneen Abu Kheit

Success stories