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Q-Schools was established in 2007 by Dr. Dalia Fadila, an educational entrepreneur and consultant specialized in Israel’s Arab population. The Q-Schools methodology, which can be adapted to meet the varied needs of local communities, mphasizes high-quality, student-centered, globally-oriented, interactive, and interdisciplinarylearning. The Q-Schools approach is now also being replicated in Jewish Israeli schools.

Q-Schools is based in Tira, in Central Israel, where it maintains an English-language center and an English-Arabic preschool. Programs operate in 70 Arab and four Jewish municipalities around the country, as well as in Jordan. During the 2019-2020 academic year, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 5,000 students and 300 teachers and administrators took part in Q-Schools’ diverse activities. Over the past 13 years, Q-Schools has reached a total of nearly 18,000 students and 1,000 teachers and administrators.

Our mission


To promote academic excellence, intercultural understanding, and personal growth for school students in Israel and across the Middle East, using the unique and adaptable Q-Schools approach.

Our approach


Q-Schools believes that learning is an interactive process bringing together students, teachers, and the broader community. Students learn best when they can support one another and provide feedback, which fosters creativity and allows them to discover their own passions. Dialogue with other communities and cultures teaches children to embrace different perspectives, bringing opportunities for further development and exploration.

Our goals


1.To enable children from marginalized communities to access high-quality, holistic, and humanist education from pre-school to high school.

2.To empower young people to become both leaders in their home communities with pride in their own identities and global citizens who understand and embrace other cultures.

3.To support schools in developing innovative and relevant pedagogies, dynamic partnerships, and effective management strategies.

4.To offer educational alternatives to serve the specific needs of Arab children in Israel, with local roots and global perspectives.

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